Sample Reports

Below are sample reports from actual inspections of a New Construction InspectionBuyer’s House Inspection, and Condo Inspection.

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Buyer’s House Inspection Report
Buyer inspection-page-001 Buyer inspection-page-002 Buyer inspection-page-003 Buyer inspection-page-004 Buyer inspection-page-005 Buyer inspection-page-006 Buyer inspection-page-007 Buyer inspection-page-008 Buyer inspection-page-009 Buyer inspection-page-010 Buyer inspection-page-011 Buyer inspection-page-012 Buyer inspection-page-013 Buyer inspection-page-014


Condo Inspection Report
Condo sample report-page-001 Condo sample report-page-002 Condo sample report-page-003 Condo sample report-page-004 Condo sample report-page-005 Condo sample report-page-006 Condo sample report-page-007 Condo sample report-page-008 Condo sample report-page-009 Condo sample report-page-010 Condo sample report-page-011 Condo sample report-page-012 Condo sample report-page-013